A Tangle of Antlers

Imagine waking up to such a ‘post’ and realizing your two beloved friends created such a heartwarming tribute. Or maybe I am still dreaming, the most beautiful dream…

Art Gowns

Dahlings! Welcome to A Tangle of Antlers!

I’m Your host Rene Rosso. Today I’m here to celebrate, with you, Marina Kanavaki: her special personal art, her love of all arts & music and passionate caring for all animals on earth.

It all began with Marina’s love of animals. In 2015 an Art Gown “Cecilia Lionheart” (above) was dedicated to Marina. The post was in honour of “Cecil the Lion” who had been killed by a ruthless trophy hunter.

Later in 2019,  AGM Marina was drawn wearing “Cecilia Lionheart”. Cecilia was made of  repurposed men’s ties from the 1970’s.

Holly – House of Heart sends in this beautiful poem of nature, in tribute to Marina.

I just love costume changes! So now let’s all change to Marina’s art. Art Gowns is the proud owner of 2 of Marina’s paintings. On the left is “Atom Sea #9” . On…

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    • Resa is an amazing artist and when I first saw her Cecilia Lionheart Art Gown my jaw dropped! I fell in love with it on first sight! With her partner in crime, Holly, a poet who I adore, they created this most wonderful post leaving me speechless! Excellent title indeed! 🥰😍🥰

  1. I’m so very happy!
    You deserve all the attention we can muster.
    Holly and I had this planned for awhile. LOL, I just can’t draw fast enough.
    New AGM fashion show coming up (Picasso inspired … by the post you did of him) , and the new Art Gown 70% finished, good pals out here and well, life is pretty great!

    Love you!

    • All the spotlights should be on you and Holly for all the beauty you created and create. Beauty that overflows my heart [I wonder if that is a ‘valid’ expression… is my feeling though] with joy and gratitude. Your drawings are gorgeous and I love them, as I love you and can’t wait for the new AGM / Picasso show. Yes, life is pretty great knowing you are around!
      HUGE HUGE hugs and a big kiss
      from my heart
      Hera’s tail continues its frenzied wagging as she sends more slobbery kisses!

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