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  1. Dahling Marina,
    Thank you for another lovely visit into the world of Amar!

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    • Awwww, thank YOU, dahling for visiting our world and making it brighter!
      Hera says WOOF and sends hugs and slobbery kisses!!!!!!! 🤗🐾🦊❤😘🐾🦊🥰😍🦊😘❤🤗🐾🌺🌷🧡❤🤗🦊🌻🎶🌟

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  2. Marina – the calendar for Calliga wines was extraordinary and the Book Cover for The Timebound Traveler reminded me of your 2019 calendar that guided my year 2019. I love following your crow .

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  3. Another week brings us to 19 weeks, which leaves off with nothing to whine about, considering Week 19 covered record and book covers, logos, and a brochure all crafted and presented like fine wine. Week 19 ended with poignant and thoughtful sketches that got the future right.

    “Bubbles 15”, the penultimate post of the 19th week, really brought it home to me how Anakreon Kanavakis’ sketches are brilliant examples of apocalyptic literature in images. But unlike most apocalyptic literature that portends the future and gets it wrong, Anakreon Kanavakis’s sketches were pertinent when he drew them, they are pertinent now, and will continue to be the “here and now” for many years to come.

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