Steve Hackett : Shadow Of The Hierophant [1975] [reblog]

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Όχι ακριβώς malevolent, αλλά πάντως, αδυσώπητο, με τον τρόπο της “Νέμεσης”, ή της “Τελικής Κρίσης”. Εν πάση περιπτώσει, τη δουλειά του την κάνει μια χαρά. Άσε που πρόκειται για αριστούργημα.
Από το Voyage Of The Acolyte, πρώτο σόλο άλμπουμ του Steve Hackett, κιθαρίστα των Genesis – κυκλοφορημένο ενώ ακόμα ανήκε στο γκρουπ.

Not exactly malevolent, but nevertheless, unforgiving, in the way of “Nemesis”, or “Final Judgement”. In any case, it works, let alone that it ’s a masterpiece.
From Voyage Of The Acolyte, first solo album by Steve Hackett, Genesis’ guitarist – released while he was still with the band.


❝ Veiling the nightshade bride stalks a flower revealed
Nearing the hour make haste to their threshold concealed
Lost in thought in search of vision
As the moon eclipsed the sun
Casting the same steps glimpsing his own fate to come
Melt in the dream void from which he never can run
Lost in thought in search of vision
As the moon eclipsed the sun
Tears fill the fountains breaking their promise to heal
Rippling the waters mirror an ended ideal
Deep in thought but robbed of vision
As the moon eclipsed the sun ❞


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