Mark Lanegan R.I.P. : Wedding Dress [2004] [reblog]

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Ο singer-songwriter Mark Lanegan, από τις πιο σημαντικές και αγαπητές στην Ελλάδα φυσιογνωμίες του εναλλακτικού ροκ, πέθανε χτες σε ηλικία 57 ετών.

Singer – songwriter Mark Lanegan, one of the most important figures of alternative rock, especially loved by the Greek audience, died yesterday at the age of 57.


❝ Would you put on that long white gown
And burn like there’s no more tomorrows?
Will you walk with me underground
And forgive all my sicknesses and my sorrows?
Will you be shamed if I shake like I’m dyin’?
When I fall to my knees and I’m crying?
Will you visit me where my body rests
Will you put on that long white dress?
The end could be soon
We’d better rent a room so you can love me
Will you put on that long white dress
While I burn when there’s no more tomorrows?
Will you remember me through the years I’ll miss
And forget all the sadnesses and the sorrows?
We got married in a fever, now you love me
Get a room, so you can love me ❞


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