anmar news • week #68

68 weeks since the launch of my design site, anmar* .

Titles & images are clickable and will direct you to the specific post.

Capitalism • No comment… #60 • Καπιταλισμός

Songs of the Greek Underworld / Sketch No 5 • Ρεμπετολογία / Σκίτσο Νο 5

ERT News titles • video • Σήμα Δελτίου Ειδήσεων ΕΡΤ

Triptych / Reaching • video

Sound cover “3 years” • Εξώφυλλο Ηχος “3 χρόνια”

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You’ll have the privilege of getting the news first. Our crow is a friendly one and promises not to flood you with useless information. 😉

*ANMAR creative design center came to life in 1994 and it’s the brain child of my father [Anakreon Kanavakis] and me.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Thank you for showing us all this artwork!
    Have a wonderful week, dahling!
    Don’t let Hera kn…..aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

    • Too late!!!!!!!
      Thank YOU, dahling for taking the time to visit and see …and comment! MOUAH!!!!!!
      Oh-oh….. here she comes!

  2. Week 68 there’s no abate…ment in the wonderful logos, covers, triptychs, titles and sketches. The brain gears keep rolling out great work that is as relevant today as it was when it was created. Speaking of brain gears, I was struggling in a calculus class at the university. But then I was the only one in class who solved a really hard problem. The professor was impressed and told me I must have stripped a lot of brain gears solving that problem.

  3. another week, dearest M🐓K…


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