Vangelis : Heaven and Hell [1975] [reblog]

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Από το Heaven And Hell, άλμπουμ που ο Vangelis κυκλοφόρησε το 1975, διαλέγουμε το Movement 3. Μερικά χρόνια αργότερα θα χρησιμοποιηθεί ως υπόκρουση στη σειρά – ντοκιμαντέρ ‘Cosmos, A Personal Voyage’ του Carl Sagan. Ταυτόχρονα αποτελεί το πρόπλασμα για το “οσκαρικό” Chariots Of Fire .
Ακολουθεί το “So Long Ago, So Clear” από το ίδιο άλμπουμ, σε στίχους του Jon Anderson.

From Heaven And Hell, an album Vangelis released in 1975, we choose Movement 3. A few years later it would be used as soundtrack for the documentary series ‘Cosmos, A Personal Voyage’ by Carl Sagan. At the same time it is the raw model for the Oscar-winning Chariots Of Fire.
It’s followed by “So Long Ago, So Clear” from the same album, lyrics written by Jon Anderson.


❝ Once, we did run
How we chased a million stars
And touched as only one can
Once, we did play
How the past delivered you
Amidst our youth we’d dream away, away
As if I knew the words I’m sure you’ll hear
Of how we met as you recall so clear
Once, we did love
Long ago how did I forget
Holding you so closely
Look, how I move
Chance would have me glance at you
To know how you move me, me
All barriers fall around us as we hear
Of memories known and matters so long ago, so clear
Once, we did run
How we chased a million stars
And touched as only one can ❞


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