Sufjan Stevens : Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois [2005] [reblog]

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Θα συνεχίσουμε για λίγο με εξωγήινους και διάστημα, επιστρέφοντας στο καλοκαιρινό αφιέρωμα, Θεού θέλοντος, με το θερινό ηλιοστάσιο – 21 του μηνός.
Από το Illinois, δεύτερη κυκλοφορία του Αμερικανού singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens για το φιλόδοξο κόνσεπτ …50 άλμπουμ, “ένα για κάθε πολιτεία των ΗΠΑ” [έχει εγκαταλειφθεί ως “αστείο”] ακούμε το εύγλωττα τιτλοφορημένο Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois

We continue with aliens and space for a while, returning to the summer tribute, God willing, on summer solstice – the 21st of the month.
From Illinois, the American singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens‘ second release for his ambitious 50-album concept …”one for each U.S. state” [this has been dismissed as a “joke”] we hear the eloquently titled Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois.


❝ When the revenant came down
We couldn’t imagine what it was
In the spirit of three stars
The alien thing that took its form
Then to Lebanon, oh, God
The flashing at night, the sirens grow and grow
(Oh history involved itself)
Mysterious shade that took its form (or what it was)
Incarnation, three stars
Delivering signs and dusting from their eyes ❞


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