Rob & Goldie : The Shadow (Process Mix) – 1997 [reblog]

from Oannes *

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Ένα ανεκτίμητο drum& bass διαμάντι, από τον Rob Playford [ιδρυτή της Moving Shadow, πρωτοπόρας εταιρίας του χώρου] και τον Goldie.

A priceless drum&bass jewel from Rob Playford [founder of Moving Shadow, a pioneering label in this field] and Goldie.


Shadow: a patch of shade; a dark figure projected by anything which intercepts rays of light
Shadow: the darker, less-illuminated part of a picture
Shadow: an inseparable companion; a ghost
Shadow: a phantom
“To shadow”: to cast a shadow over; to outline
Shadow: shadow; moving shadow
The first few steps
The first few words
The first moment, when the line crosses the line, and certainly you can never stop seeing
These changes
Seeing more. Seeing less. Seeing better. Seeing worse
But seeing is the first stone to fill pond
And as the rebus spread, they alter everything they touch fundamentally
Everything takes on meaning: a look, a touch, a motion, a sign
All seeds growing
Seeds that never stop growing, because you just never can stop them
How can that be explained?
Think of the one thing that you always wanted
Then think of it existing within you as a part of everyday
Like breathing
Then think of the breathing as a living thing, that begins to change and then disappears
And then what?
Once you get it, what then?
You just go on and on until you become what you always were…


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